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Top 5 Videos On Youtube

Top 5 Videos On Youtube There is no doubt that YouTube has created the largest online video sharing website. 35 hours of new videos are uploaded to the site every minute, and three quarters of the material comes from outside the US. YouTube has more than 14 billion videos viewed as of May 2010, so let’s look at its 5 most popular videos of all time. Music videos make up most of the list with Justin Bieber on top as the number 1 video with Baby, this video has more then 400 million views. The number 2 video...
Posted by admin on 05:58:51 AM 20 Dec 2010
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Changes to come!

Hello, You may notice a few changes around this site in the coming days/weeks. I plan on updating this site and changing it around a bit. So stick around and watch the transformation of -Prostar99 Bookmark It Hide...
Posted by admin on 05:28:15 AM 17 Dec 2010
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New – Subscribe to

Hello, I have just made being a fan of much easier. Not sure when will update or post something new? With the new subscribe feature We have made it much easier to find out the latest news from Simply enter your e-mail address into the box on the right side of the page, once a new post or latest video has been added you will be instantly email notified so you don’t miss any of the exciting news from Thank-you for...
Posted by admin on 12:35:51 AM 15 Nov 2010
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New Videos added to Prostar99

Hey, Check out the latest videos that I have posted on, 1080P HD video of the famous 5HP Chopper bike. All new for 2010 is a smoke show proving this bike not only has style it also has power. The bike is cleaned up and ready to ride just like the day it was built. Specs include: 5HP Briggs & Stratton Motor Custom made Exhaust Top speed of 80+ km/h (50 mph) Take a look you will be impressed. - Prostar99 Bookmark It Hide...
Posted by admin on 12:03:33 AM 12 Nov 2010
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Cheetah Power Surge TV commercial * Update

Hello, It has been over a month since I have posted anything on this website, I have been really busy and unfortunately I did not have a video together in time for the Cheetah Power Surge Contest. I am a little disappointed that I did not enter this contest, There is still time left to enter the contest but it ended October 31st. I will not have a video ready for the contest so good luck to everyone that has entered. -Prostar99 Bookmark It Hide...
Posted by admin on 11:29:19 PM 28 Oct 2010
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Posted by admin on 11:26:54 PM 14 Sep 2010
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Posted by admin on 11:40:31 PM 17 Aug 2010
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Posted by admin on 12:02:37 AM 30 Jul 2010
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Doritos® Viralocity Update on Contest

 Doritos® Viralocity Update on Contest Hello All, Just wanted to update everyone on the Doritos Viralocity Contest, It has been over for a few months now, and I finally received my cheques for the three video’s I posted. Once again I wanted to Thank everyone who voted for me and all other videos in the contest, The winning Video was the Doritos Tablet, the chip name is Spice 2.0 You can now find Spice 2.0 in all major grocery stores. Here is a picture of the letter I received along with the three cheques for $25 a piece,...
Posted by admin on 11:15:03 PM 24 Jun 2010
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Cheetah Power Surge – Commercial Update

Cheetah Power Surge - Commercial Update Hey there, Just a quick update on the Cheetah Power Surge TV Contest. I am still filming a few different commercials and constantly coming up with new ideas for the contest, it has been really busy the last few weeks getting ready for this contest as well as everything else that has been going on. Hopefully I will have at least one commercial ready to submit to the contest by the middle of June if not more video’s by then. Just to go over the rules again, the following are the prizes to...
Posted by admin on 12:38:40 AM 01 Jun 2010
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